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Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner

Matthew is an accomplished educator with over 10 years of international experience working in developing contexts. Through his work he's improved educational outcomes as a teacher, trainer, and designer in countries all over the world.

Matthew's professional experience includes working in rural schools in Kazakhstan, Universities in Ukraine, and leadership training Malaysia, the Philippians, and China. He worked for five and a half years at the grassroots level as a Peace Corps volunteer, exploring the importance of community engagement. Now he seeks to scale up his impact through online learning design and training trainers projects.

Matthew holds an Ed.M from Harvard's Graduate School of Education, specializing in International Education Policy.


How can you be a great leader? Who can you look to as an example of great leadership? Teachers are excellent role models for aspiring leaders because they practice leadership skills in every lesson. Most people can point to a teacher who has made a difference in their lives and great leaders can accomplish the same when they adopt a teaching mindset. Hear five ways leaders can be successful when they lead like a teacher.

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