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Rajan Patel
Rajan Patel

Rajan Patel is an Entrepreneur, Maker, Innovator, and an Educator. He co-invented the Embrace Incubator, a product of empathy-driven design that has saved the lives of over 300,000 babies across the developing world and won numerous awards including The Economist Social Innovation Award, Top Innovation from the World Health Organization (WHO), and the McKinsey Social Innovation Award.

Rajan also co-founded Dent Education, an organization that helps young people find their voice, realize their creative potential, and work together to solve society’s most persistent problems.

Rajan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, an MBA from Stanford, and an MPA from Harvard University.


Rajan Patel is a successful designer and innovator who was part of the team that developed the Embrace baby incubator which has saved hundreds of thousands of infants born pre-maturely or with a low birth weight. He's also one of the founders of Dent Education, a program that teachers design thinking to school students so they can develop their own products and companies. Hear how Rajan became interested in design thinking and how he used it to make incredible innovations.

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